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The gaming industry has been transformed by the advent of online games. Add some online games multiplayer to the mix, and the dynamic changes considerably. For the better? It all depends what you like. We believe that online games multiplayer adds a really cool dimensions to the gaming experience. Although the roots of the multiplayer mode go back decades, online multiplayer games are more recent, and they have been taking the world by storm. It adds the ability to socialise and self-express in the digital environment, with likeminded people and peers.

Say goodbye to the days of sitting on the sofa together. Online games multiplayer live within headsets and on modems in 2022.

Nowadays, everyone has their own console, and you’re often playing over the internet, connecting over voice chat, and bringing down squads in a ‘Battle Royale’. For the gaming-savvy, we have put together some of the most popular online multiplayer games.

Rocket League

Soccer with cars: who would’ve thought this would be a winning formula? Well if you like cars and you like soccer – it’s a match made in heaven. It is also a multiplayer sensation. Psyonix’s Rocket League is a pretty straightforward game with no major frills or fluff. Pitting teams of turbo-charged remote-controlled vehicles against each other in an arena with a giant ball. Bring it! The simplicity of the game is a great hit with multiplayers worldwide. The silliness of Rocket League turns what could be tense matches, into laugh factories, making for a completely different experience every time you play.

Grand Theft Auto

Want to pull off a bank heist with your mates? Well, not in the real world obviously, but most definitely with Grand Theft Auto Online! It is a custom-built sandbox that lets you put that heist theory to the test. Rockstar Games’ takes online games multiplayer to a new level and we love them for it. An open world which can be a playground of player vs. player destruction, or provides epic cooperative adventures. You can get your gang together to scope, set up, and execute big scores in casinos, secret facilities, and private islands.

While the buy-in can be high for these heists, there’s still something so unique about simply cruising around Los Santos, causing chaos with your friends, which is why Grand Theft Auto Online is up there on our list of top multiplayer games in 2022.

Halo Infinite

A hallmark of the Xbox, Halo is timeless.

There’s still almost nothing quite as tense as running back to base with a last-minute flag capture as bullets and pink neon death whizz overhead! Every weapon feels satisfying and has its own unique purpose. It’s a great multiplayer game, bringing mates together to enjoy the excitement and old school vibes of classic Halo.

Sea of Thieves

Let’s set sail across an open ocean (with up to three friends), and work together to tame a galleon and fight off enemy ships! Sea of Thieves online multiplayer game is fun and fantastical. Plus, no two sessions are the same. It doesn’t matter that the quests are repetitive because it’s what happens along the way that matters most. It’s the journey, as they say! Fire your friends out of a cannon, stick someone in the brig, rob another player, and get up to loads of mischief, all while sailing on the most beautiful waters, thanks to the epic visuals of this game.