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There are millions of followers on Twitch, as aspiring gamers and entertainers try to become its top stars. Streaming continues to grow at an accelerated rate - particularly with increased competition from YouTube and Facebook Gaming - but Twitch stays on top.

Streamers with millions of followers regularly pull in tens of thousands of viewers as soon as they hit 'go live'. Many of these streamers have been around for quite some time, while others have just recently emerged.

Trending gamers come in a wide range of personalities, this is no surprise. What they also have that differs is their playstyles, skills, and preferences. Although you can distinguish them by genre, there are some traits they have in common, and that’s the gear they use! A professional gamer must have the right gaming gadgets and accessories.

What makes a good gamer, good?

A lot of game lovers have wondered how to become pro gamers. Whether you want to compete solo or in a team, there is a path to getting started in the gaming industry. Before you begin on a professional gamer journey, check out what traits are non-negotiable when it comes to going big on gaming, and how to become one of the best trending gamers. Our Combat gaming ambassador Mason Mount is the perfect example of a trending Twitch Stream gamer who has it all, and more.


We’re not talking about being a rocket scientist, but the truth is that you can’t be a great gamer without having a certain level of ‘gaming intelligence’. Although some people may be smart in some areas, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are intelligent when it comes to gaming. Some people find it challenging to master certain games and get their head around the rules. Practice makes perfect!

Dedicated to upping their game

It should come as no surprise that dedication and commitment are other qualities successful gamers have to have. Like with most sports, it’s crucial to continuously practice and improve your game. As a result, it becomes part of life, and a top priority. Whenever a gamer has free

time, he or she will use it to learn different aspects of the game. Continuous practice helps you build your confidence.

Problem solving: A gamers go-to

It’s true that professional gamers do not quickly make assumptions or jump to conclusions. Instead, they are good at solving problems and overcome obstacles they meet on the way to succeeding in a game. Gaming can be hard, and more challenging levels can be difficult to beat. If you want to be successful, you need to use logic to get through complicated situations. Basically, don’t give up!

Curiosity is key

If we’re not curious, then we’re not motivated to keep learning! Remember that when you spend more time mastering a game, you become better and better at it. Simple stuff. Plus, you’re having heaps of fun along the way.

The above qualities or traits of a successful trending gamer should motivate and inspire you to work hard and improving your gaming skills. Having the right approach and mindset will also help you become a great gamer. Set specific goals and keep your focus to become a professional and demonstrate your skills and tricks to others.

Trending Gamers 2022: A review

Ninja still Number one for Twitch followers. Streamer Ninja holds the number one spot among Twitch's most followed streamers, with over 18 million followers. After joining Mixer, he ended his Twitch exclusive partnership, but returned after the platform dissolved.

However, Auroniplay and Rubius are rapidly catching up with Ninja's followers, and are on track to overtake him.

Meanwhile, Tfue, xQc, and shroud are the next NA-based streamers in the list, all with over 10 million followers! If that’s not a trending gamer, we don’t know what is.

Trending gamer factoid: Streamers who speak languages other than English have become increasingly common in recent years, as shown by the Twitch landscape of big names.

Two of the top three spots have been taken over by Spanish-speaking streamers. Streaming has been growing not only in Spain, but also in South America with Grefg, Rubius, and Ibai all make the top 10.

Power to trending gamers who are proving themselves! Pokimane remains the only female streamer in Top 20 in 2022, with just under 9 million followers. That’s huge!

The second-most followed female streamer on the Twitch platform is Amouranth, who made it into the top 20, but unfortunately has now slipped just out of the rankings, at 23rd place. Do you know any up and coming female trending gamers we should know about? Drop us a line and let us know.

Happy Gaming from The Combat Gaming Team!