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You can't avoid it: if you mention streaming, you must mention Twitch streaming. With fans and supporters across the globe, the portal is one of the largest video content providers.

The online world is dominated by streaming. It's not Netflix or Amazon Prime, but rather livestreaming by content creators who prefer to broadcast content for their viewers from within their own four walls. In the last few years, the gaming community has started broadcasting gameplay in video form, so the topics are almost endless.

Originally a niche market for ESports fans, ESports has now become a gigantic market with a thriving creative community. The most popular platform for live streaming is Twitch, which is known to both viewers and streamers. It’s Twitch streaming, or nada. Fans and supporters from all over the world support the Internet portal, which provides video content on a regular basis.

Twitch twitch, BOOM

It's been a long time since gaming content was exclusively shown by big and well-known personalities in the scene. On Twitch streaming, anyone can go live and start their stream with just a few clicks and within minutes. As a result, 10 million people (Q3 2021) now use Twitch as an outlet for their creativity and stream regularly. In Q3 2021, viewers consumed around 5 billion hours of content and the average viewership spread across the platform is 2.6 million - and growing! *Source:

What YouTube is to VoD content, Twitch is to live content. It is the absolute top dog on the market, and, as it develops further, it will certainly become one of the very major players on the Internet in the future. This community of gamers and nerds began as an El Dorado for gaming fans and nerds, but it is on its way to replacing live television for good with its comprehensive and meaningful features.

The history of Twitch streaming

Nowadays, Twitch is a household name for almost everyone who regularly spends time on the Internet. But how did the huge platform become what it is today? The history of Twitch streaming is as interesting as it is impressive. We'll tell you!

The idea of having a website that streams live content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week was born in 2007 when an industrious Yale University student thought about it. An online gaming portal that allows gamers to share their matches and gaming sessions live and uncut with others. Justin Kan jumped into action and quickly launched his own portal, called after him, unbiasedly. There was a time when was one of the official predecessors of

Four years after launching the original site, Kan launched a year later. Specifically, gaming and esports content was featured. Twitch was the place where gaming fans watched their favourite teams compete against each other during its early years. It was particularly popular at the time to play multiplayer video games like Counter Strike, Dota, or World of Warcraft. The success and popularity of Twitch were so huge in the first few years that the platform's managers finally decided to discontinue and only continue with From then on, all resources and manpower were used for Twitch, which resulted in the fact that Twitch continued to develop over the years and also reached out beyond the boundaries of gaming.

What can you do on Twitch?

Anyone who is on Twitch is quite literally flooded with content. It’s a minefield out there! But unlike traditional entertainment platforms such as television, Twitch is not just "more of the same" – it provides a wide variety of personalities appear on camera (such as Combat gaming’s Mason Mount) with content that is only similar in nuances, if at all. On Twitch, everyone can do what they want to do. Combat Gaming had the vision to make Twitch its streaming platform of choice so that a door to gaming success could be opened for celebrities, sports fans, and YOU!

Twitch streaming – Some interesting facts about the largest streaming portal in the world

Now you have learned in this comprehensive article what Twitch is and how the platform was created. Last but not least, we would like to give you some interesting facts and data about Twitch.

  • There are over 10 million active streamers on Twitch (Q3 2021).
  • The average viewership across the platform is 2.6 million.
  • Viewers consumed over 5 billion hours of content in Q3 2021.
  • With nearly 140,000 active subscriptions, CriticalRole currently leads the world creator rankings with the most subs. (as of November 2021)
  • Ludwig holds the unbroken subscription record with over 283,000 active subscribers (reached April 2021) after his successful subathon.
  • The Spanish creator TheGrefg recorded the most simultaneous viewers during a stream. During the presentation of his own Fortnite skin, over 2.5 million viewers tuned in in November 2019.
  • Twitch's categories are now divided into Games, IRL, Music & Esports