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As we see the back of 2022, we look towards the future, and more specifically: the future of gaming. We must say, it looks bright. It has been a decade of explosive growth for the gaming industry. In 2022, there were 3.25 billion gamers in the world. Who run the world? Gamers?

Next year, the video gaming industry is set to grow as high-profile, high-budget games and next-generation consoles reach the market. If publishers continue to release the best triple-A games, 2023 could be a turning point for the industry.

Updated gaming consoles will be available to more households in the coming year. There are about 37 million gaming consoles installed worldwide, as measured by the number sold since 2020, according to one major console manufacturer. As a result of the increase in next-generation gaming consoles, triple-A game development continues to thrive.

On the console market alone, the Switch has sold 27.20 million units, while the PS5 has sold 22.70 million units, and the Xbox Series has sold 16.70 million units. Although the gaming console industry will undergo major shifts in the next few years as next-generation consoles arrive, major shifts are not yet certain.

Due to these new technologies, a few experts predict strong growth in the game market in the coming years. So what can we expect? Keep reading to find out what the future of gaming looks like:

Cloud Gaming

The future of gaming lies in technological innovation within the latest generation of gaming consoles and PC hardware. With cloud gaming, gamers are no longer restricted by hardware limitations, allowing them to play games on a variety of devices.

Cloud gaming was valued at USD470 million globally in 2020. By 2027, the industry is expected to reach USD72.4 billion. Nowadays, most major video game platforms offer their games as cloud subscriptions.

Service providers, such as Google Stadia, PlayStation Plus, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Amazon Luna, will continue to grow. With the minimum requirement to utilize cloud gaming being around 10Mbps, this method of playing will rapidly increase as hyper fast networks such as 5G expand.

The future of gaming: The Metaverse

Simply put, a metaverse is essentially a virtual world in 3D. Conventionally speaking, it is a permanent virtual space focused on social connections allowing people to interact with other digital entities through their avatars.

For some people, the metaverse serves solely as a social platform where they can connect, communicate, attend events, or even purchase digital assets.

Many technology companies began focusing on the metaverse's potential to provide experiences beyond entertainment after Fortnite's music concert in the metaverse became a success. There is no doubt that VR, AR, and AI will contribute to the metaverse, enabling people all over the world to experience a unique virtual experience in real time


In the 90’s, the idea of professional gamers making millions playing video or computer games would’ve been totally ridiculous.

The reality is that eSports has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with major global brands eager to find ways to increase their foothold in this area.

Like many other digital entertainment businesses, eSports became popular fast during the COVID-19 pandemic. The global eSports industry generated more than USD1 billion in revenue in 2021 and is expected to surpass USD2 billion in 2022.

The gamification of cryptocurrencies

The what of what? The gamification of cryptocurrencies is a new gaming trend to look out for when talking about the future of gaming.

Both game and app developers have begun to experiment with in-game monetisation features where the gamers can “earn” cryptocurrencies and NFTs while they play.

With the cryptocurrency gaming market set to be worth billions, ways to monetise cryptocurrency is something to consider for the future.

The bottom line of the future of gaming

Gaming in 2023 is going to look a little different than before, but doesn’t it every year? We’re excited to embrace new advances and still enjoy the old ones too. Stick with Combat Gaming into the future and enjoy a gaming club for celebrities, athletes, creators, and you!