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Combat Gaming is aware that most of our readers and gaming community are aware of the latest terms, concepts and jargon. That won’t stop us from educating our gaming gurus and shedding light on the latest games and gaming trends. We’re kicking off January with PvP games: What are they, why do we love them and what are some of the best PvP games around this year.

There is a time and place for single-player games, we get it. But, there’s something different, and much more exciting and unpredictable about facing off against other humans (live) in multiplayer games. This is true for a wide range of PvP of genres like fighters, shooters, and racing games, that seem tailor-made for PvP gameplay. Combat Gaming agrees, which is why we’ve chosen to unpack some of the best. But before we do so, let’s dive a little into the ins and outs of PvP games.

What’s the difference between PvP and PvE?

PvP stands for Player versus Player. It’s a game or a game mode that revolves around layer-against-player combat - combat between actual human players. A PvP game is one where the majority or entirety of the gaming experience involved direct competition between human players. While there can be PvE elements in these games, being labelled as PvP tends to indicate that the larger focus in always on player vs. player interaction.

What Do You Do in PvE Games?

In an MMO the meaning of PvE is that a player should expect to face the majority or entirety of their opponents in the form of computer-controlled opponents. This is where the term comes from, as the idea is to fight the world and the creatures within. Because of this, the answer to what is PvE is simple – it’s playing against the computer.

The terms PvE and PvP are some of the most important in online MMORPGs yet the distinction between the two can be confusing to new players. In PvP, the main enemies are controlled by humans, whereas in PvE, the main enemy is the environment, the computer-controlled enemies and the game itself.

PvP is considered to be more aggressive and competitive, while PvE encourages cooperation with fewer opportunities for trolling or ‘upsetting’ other players.

Making Your Choice - PvP games for the win

Selecting the right type of combat for you depends on mainly two things:

· Whether you prefer a more aggressive PvP setting, where everyone can potentially attack you,

· Or a more relaxed PvE experience that lets you cooperate with others, against the opposing AI.

What are some of the more popular PvP games this year?

· World of Warcraft

· Apex Legends

· League of Legends

· Fortnite

· Call of Duty


· Mortal Kombat

So, gamers – go forth into the world of player vs player, and enjoy the thrill of live gaming with other actual humans! It really doesn’t get better, or more real than this.
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