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Formula 1 fans waited with anxious and excited anticipation to find out what the new regulations for the 2022 cars would bring. It so happens that in real life the Formula 1 season has proven to be pretty thrilling, slightly unpredictable, and with a hint of drama. In a nutshell: just what fans needed to keep the momentum of F1 2021. There’s no getting around the fact that it is the most prestigious motorsports series globally. Fans can now sink their teeth into the simulated wheels of the new-generation F1 cars. And, what is the consensus? 

Fans are saying that the most noticeable difference between F1 2021 and 2022 is how the cars react to kerbs. This has been adjusted due to the lower ride heights, lower profile tyres and the overhaul of the new cars’ physics and handling. This makes it easier to lose the car on corners, as well as less responsive on turn-in-too which make Monaco and Singapore trickier than before, if that’s even possible!

One of the negatives picked up by reviews was that things feel fairly familiar outside the car. In their defence it’s hard to keep sports titles fresh. 

The addition that has been catching players attention is that of F1 Life, the game’s lifestyle mode. This makes cars, drivers and hubs customisable. Creating personal spaces that serve as an interactive location in multiplayer lobbies, where players can visit each other and admire their collections of trophies. This is a smart move by Codemaster’s as it creates microtransactions within the game, with new cosmetics to try and buy. Codemaster has partnered with big brands such as Puma, Sparco and Beats to bring licensed clothing items to F1 22 – from t-shirts and trainers, to caps and headphones. 

The actual racing is lifelike and engaging. The addition of The Pirelli Hotlaps are F1’s answer to Gran Turismo’s license tests and missions: fun to do, but perhaps don’t offer much overall substance to the game itself. 

In conclusion, it’s fast, fun and just what we expected from Codemaster’s F1 series. While some say it feels like a DLC rather than a new game, we feel the new cars offer a learning curve, even for the most experienced racers.