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Simple Tips To Get You Started with Game Streaming Today

Guy in front of PC, playing an Online game and participating in games streaming

Thousands dream of becoming professionals at game streaming. However, to get popular on Twitch, it’s essential to stream the games audiences want to see. Pretty simple, right? Not necessarily... Hint: this doesn’t necessarily mean streaming just the best-selling games. Most of the time, these games will be oversaturated with broadcasters, so try keeping it original and fresh!

What does "game streaming" mean?

I am sure most know, but let’s break it down. Game streaming means broadcasting via the internet while you play so that others can watch you on their computer, phone or games console. The most popular services for game streaming are Twitch and YouTube. Games streaming differs from making and uploading YouTube videos because the content goes out live, unedited.

Why stream?

Firstly, it’s fun! Secondly, it’s an opportunity to share your love of gaming, meet other like-minded people who like the same things as you and show off a bit! Thirdly, streaming is complex and technical. It will teach you about broadcasting software, lighting and making different pieces of hardware work together.

How do I get started with game streaming?

If you have an Xbox One or PS4 and a broadband internet connection, you can stream games without any other specialist equipment. Using these means the outcome is pretty basic in terms of broadcast quality. Therefore, you might want to move on fairly quickly and upgrade.

What do I need if I’m streaming games via a PC?

If you want to stream PC or Nintendo Switch games or make better quality streams from your PS4 or Xbox, you’ll need a desktop computer or laptop. Twitch recommends at least an Intel Core i5 processor or the AMD equivalent and 8GB of RAM. If you’re connecting your games console, you’ll need a video capture card from a company such as Elgato or AVerMedia. You then simply plug in your console, and the card sends the video footage to your computer, ready for you to broadcast. Now, you’re ready to start live-stream gaming!

New technologies and competitors have given rise to various new platforms for streaming media content, targeting a wide array of traditional broadcast audiences online. Game streaming allows for a new type of social TV that provides an interactive platform for audiences to engage, on a personal level, with their favourite gamer personalities.

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